Thursday, July 20, 2017

The B*E*S*T Day!

The Broad Museum

Today, for my actual birthday, Larry and I had big plans! We drove downtown to The Broad Museum this morning. The Broad has been there for over a year, but we still hadn't visited. We've seen much of Broad's art collection over the years at various museums, but we really wanted to see the actual building. 
The Broad building is a nice compliment to Disney Hall across the street. I love the honey-bee exterior.

There was a very interesting installation by Yayoi Kusama called, "Infinity Mirrored Room--The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away."
It was rather disorienting being inside. Luckily, we were only allowed to be inside for 45 seconds!
Larry and Ellen in the Infinity Mirrored Room
We rode up the longest escalator ever to the second floor to see the artwork that screams, BROAD COLLECTION!
The Infinite Elevator
The Basquiat
The obligatory big table shot
Our favorite Ed Ruscha painting
I really like The Broad. The collection is magnificent and the museum is manageable. After about 2 hours, we weren't tired out. Perfect.
Time for lunch!
Thursday is chicken pie day at Taix, so that's where we had a delicious, serene lunch! Everything was divine.
Caesar Salad
Chicken Pie, Country French Style
After resting a bit at home, we hopped on the Expo Metro Line to downtown Santa Monica. We topped off the day by seeing "Wonder Woman."  WOW! She really is wonderful!

Wonder Woman!
We picked up a couple of delicious tacos after the movie and hopped on the Metro toward home.
Yes! It was a perfect L.A. day! Thanks, Larry AND thanks to everyone who wished me a happy day on Facebook and Instagram! I so appreciate your good wishes.


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At 7:36 AM PDT, Blogger Leah said...

Another happy Birthday greeting. sounds like the perfect day, I can't believe you hadn't been to the Broad yet! Well you saved it up for a special occasion


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