Thursday, March 22, 2018


Calendula Quilt

I've been intrigued by modular patterns lately. I do love the traditional quilt designs, interpreted into yarny afghans! Click on the captions for links to the patterns.
Granny Star Blanket

I also love these modular sweaters. It's nice to be able to knit a sweater, connect one section to the next and have very little to sew after finishing the pieces.
Log Cabin Pullover

In addition to my Eyeball Sweater project (and a few others,  heh-heh), I started a log cabin sweater. When we were in Palm Springs last month we stopped by the Michael's. I picked up one of those Caron Cakes that everyone on Ravelry is talking about. I decided to just start knitting a log cabin block and see how far I could get with one skein (383 yards). I completed a block large enough for one side of a sweater! I picked up two more Caron Cakes in this Rainbow Sprinkles colorway. We'll see what it becomes. Maybe a slip-over sweater, maybe a blanket/afghan!
Caron Cake Block, "Rainbow Sprinkles" Colorway

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