Thursday, April 12, 2018


"Target" by Jasper Johns, 1958

I drive all over Los Angeles, especially from my home in Mid-City to my office in Santa Monica. The Broad Museum in downtown L.A. has banners all over town advertising the Jasper Johns exhibit. The image on the banners is Johns' famous target or bullseye. He painted this several times in different colors and textures.
I've read that Johns's use of this image was to challenge the art world to look out and to look inside themselves. There are MANY interpretations of the target or bullseye in art. It really has become a symbol of post-war advertising.
I see every symbol in terms of yarn. I have crocheted many circular, target-like potholders, washcloths, afghan squares, etc. 
Ellen's Circular Crochet

So, as I drive around Los Angeles and see these Jasper Johns banners, all I can think about is the Circle in a Square crochet pattern! 
Ellen's Jasper Johns Crochet Square
Yes, this square is hypnotizing! I am now practicing mind control to guide you toward the yarn. In fact, you can experience all sorts of wonderful yarn during the L.A. Country Yarn Crawl, coming up April 19-22. See you and my fellow devotees at the LYS.

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