Thursday, April 05, 2018

Family Dinner

Amie, Ryan, Meredith, Ellen, Jo, Tom

We had a small family dinner for my East Coast cousins last night. Tom, along with his wife, Ryan and one of their daughters, Meredith joined me, Larry and L.A. cousins, Jo and Amie. After all of the cooking I did for Passover and Easter, I decided to keep it simple. Jo brought a Caesar salad, Amie brought a yummy flourless Windmill cake and fresh strawberries for dessert and Tom and Ryan brought the wine. I made a delicious White Lightening Chili, along with guacamole and other toppings. My nod to Passover was to offer unleavened corn chips to go with the dinner!
Amie, Meredith and Tom

Tom's Mother, Masha and my Dad, George were first cousins. Tom's grandparents, Reta and Morris lived in Los Angeles during most of my youth, so I heard endless stories from the proud grandparents about Tommy and Mitch! I have yet to meet up with Mitch and his wife, Patti, even though they own a YARN SHOP and attend many knitting conventions around the country. I've promised myself that Larry and I will attend Stitches West in Santa Clara next year so that I can meet the adult Mitch!

White Lightening Chili

Caesar Salad

Ryan and Meredith
Tom and Larry
Jo and Tom

Dessert - Macaroons, Windmill Cake
Cousin Jo grew up in Chicago and had some great stories about the early days of the family. Amie and I filled in the blanks about their years in Los Angeles. It's always fun hearing the same stories from different viewpoints.
Tom, Ryan and Meredith are in the Palm Springs area now for a wedding. They are taking side trips to Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms.  I can't wait to see their photos! Safe travels, sweet cousins!

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