Thursday, April 19, 2018

L.A. Yarn Crawl - Day One

Owner, Kat Coyle at The Little Knittery, Los Feliz

We only hit four stores today, but they were all EXCELLENT little yarn shops! Diane and Brenda came over to my house at 10 and we were at the new and improved Little Knittery in Los Feliz Village by 10:30. We were the very first yarn crawl customers of 2018! Owner, Kat Coyle posted our photo on Instagram!
Ellen, Brenda, Kat and Diane at The Little Knittery
Yes, we made a few purchases. Kat has stocked some really fab accessories, along with a wonderful selection of yarn.
We made our way out to Pasadena where we met up with MaryJo at Wollhaus. This is a lovely little shop in a courtyard building on Colorado Boulevard in the heart of Pasadena.
Brenda, Diane, MaryJo at Wollhaus, Pasadena
Yes, Patti, I saw the CRAVE yarn. It is beyond gorgeous!!
Crave Yarn at Wollhaus
We were beginning to get hungry, so our next stop was Fish King in Glendale. This is a fish market with a lunch counter and a new sushi counter and dining area! We had the most delicious lunch! I had a fish taco and a cup of their lobster bisque...DIVINE!

Diane's Fish 'n Chips

MaryJo and Brenda

Ellen and Diane
Next stop, Burbank and the newish shop, SoCal Knits. We met up with Stephanie in Burbank. This is a lovely shop with tons of knit and crochet samples!
SoCal Knits, Burbank

We caravanned over to Valley Village, Studio City for our last stop, The Altered Stitch and Yarnover Truck.
"Watts Up" Yarn Company, hand-dyed in Los Angeles At The Altered Stitch

Colorful Doily at The Altered Stitch, Valley Village
The Yarnover Truck was conveniently parked right outside The Altered Stitch. They always have interesting and unique yarn!
Stephanie, Brenda and Barbara on the Yarnover Truck

This is where Brenda, Diane and I said goodbye to our caravan friends, MaryJo and Stephanie and headed back over the hill toward home.  It was a great day with great friends and fabulous yarn!
The Crochet Car on The Crawl


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