Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Pink Sprinkles

I bought a fair amount of yarn during the recent L.A. County Yarn Crawl. I have projects in mind for most of the yarn. Just before I went on the 2018 Yarn Crawl, I looked over my yarn stash and discovered that I had two skeins of sprinkled pink yarn from last year. One skein was purchased at Twist, Yarns of Intrigue in 2017, Twist Confetti Sock Yarn, hand-dyed by the owner of Twist, Cathy. 
Confetti Sock by Cathy at Twist

The other skein was purchased at the Fiber Fiesta in Albuquerque from the Zia Woolz-Sandia booth, hand-dyed by Dagmar. The name of this yarn is "Bee Keeper in Love." Whatever.
Sandia Yarn, "Beekeeper in Love"
Yarn Artist, Dagmar. Albuquerque, NM
Both yarns are predominantly pink with sprinkles of other colors. The Sandia yarn has a bit of yellow (bees) in it. The Twist yarn is REALLY peppermint pink. I thought that the yarns were close enough in color to work together.
Crocheted Grid Design

I decided to crochet a generous L-shaped scarf in my favorite grid pattern. I started with the Sandia. When I ran out of the 434 yards, I attached the Twist Confetti yarn to one edge of my grid and continued making the L-shape.
Twist Confetti is at the top right of this photo
The confetti skein is only 380 yards, but this side of the L-shape requires less yardage. Yes, the two colors are slightly different, but I don't mind the vague difference. This should shape up into a very useful, bright accent piece!
THEN, I can get started using my 2018 yarn!

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