Friday, May 04, 2018

Time for Sun Hats!

Click on photo to see hat descriptions

It's always time for sun hats in Los Angeles! Since the 1980s, I have become very aware of how the sun can damage our skin. Many of my friends have had various skin cancers due to excessive sun exposure in our youth. Oh yes. I remember the days of going to Santa Monica Beach armed with baby oil and a collapsible sun reflector to bake my skin into the perfect California tan. We'd stay at the beach for HOURS, trying to get that perfect brownish glow. 
Libelle Magazine, 1965

I'm lucky that I have an olive complexion and could withstand this extensive exposure. Thankfully, I stopped this pastime when I was in my early 30s. Now, I cover up as much as possible when I'm out in the sun. 
Time to crochet a cute summer hat for 2018! I tend to like modular designs, like the granny square bucket hat below. Click on the captions for each pattern.
Granny Square Sun Hat
Basic Bernat Bucket Hat
My Favorite Tin Can Hat

I really like the red straw number with the imbedded sunglass option, above. I wonder if I could combine the Basic Bernat Bucket with the 1960s design? What are you crocheting and/or knitting this weekend?

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