Friday, May 18, 2018

We Call 'em Jax

It's Jacaranda time in Los Angeles. Our street planted Jacaranda trees about 20 years ago, up and down the block.  I love those purple flowers when they're in bloom, but not when the die and form a sticky mess on the streets, sidewalks and my CAR!
Most of the trees on our street are medium-sized. Some streets in neighborhoods nearby have huge Jacaranda trees that form a purple canopy over the street. It really is quite beautiful.
Large Jacaranda Trees on South Fairfax, between 18th St. and Venice Blvd.
I'm hoping for a bit more damp weather so that the trees really bloom in full and give us a few more weeks of purpleness. THEN, they can start dropping their stinky flowers! Here's a short story of how the Jacaranda tree was brought to Southern California.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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