Thursday, May 10, 2018


The Little Knittery, Vermont Ave., Los Feliz. Photo from their website

Last week we celebrated MaryJo's birthday. I wrote about our afternoon HERE. It's always fun figuring out what type of gifts to give to MaryJo. She's artistic, crafty and full of fun. MaryJo travels A LOT. She probably owns every imaginable travel item known. Lately, she's into embroidery and sewing. She's ALWAYS into knitting and crochet. I wanted to get her fiber-related gifts.
During the L.A. County Yarn Crawl our first stop was at the newly located Little Knittery in Los Feliz. I've always liked this shop. Kat Coyle is the owner and she has a wonderful eye for accessories and fabulous patterns. Kat is the designer of the Pussy Hat and the Come Together Welcome Blanket, two projects that I have been involved with.
I was delighted to see all kinds of colorful notions in the new shop. There were little felted animals tucked into the yarn shelves. I looked at the Kitty Cat and the Little Dog.
Felted Kitty
Dog by Twoolies
Twoolies also crafts SHEEP! Each animal is unique
Kat offered these great sew-on patches from Thailand
Remember when we used to sew patches and embroider on our jeans? It's back!
The patches come with thread..see that cute carrot? It's thread!

Of course, the shop is full of gorgeous yarn and sample patterns to inspire you. If I lived walking distance to The Little Knittery I would be there all the time! I'm so glad that the shop's new location is drawing lots of business.
I ended up buying the felted kitty and little dog and a bag of patches. I also found a really great map-style guide of embroidery stitches for MaryJo. I topped off her gift with a shawlette crocheted with yarn that MaryJo gave me last Xmas. It's an "Elise" shawl. The yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. The yarn is 80% cotton and 20% merino, lightweight and breezy for summer. You can see details about the shawl on my project page.

MaryJo with her gifties
This was a fun gift to put together for a super fun and lovely person!

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At 6:45 AM PDT, Blogger amy said...

Love that felted kitty! Your posts are always a riot of color- they always brighten my day! :D

At 7:47 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks so much, Amy! I try to be positive and uplifting on my blog!

Ellen B.


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