Friday, August 17, 2018

A Great Big Beautiful Sherman Oaks

A former Sports Authority store houses this collection

One of my favorite songs to come out of the Disney machine in the 1960s was The Sherman Brothers', "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow." You can listen to Walt and the Shermans sing the song HERE
Tomorrowland was always my favorite!
Here's me and my brother, Ken on the Autopia in 1956, soon after it opened!

We viewed tomorrow and yesterday the other evening at a former Sports Authority big box store in Sherman Oaks. Collector, Richard Kraft is selling off some of his Disneyland collection. There is lots of ephemera (maps, menus, drawings, posters), signage, portions of rides, dolls, models and other props. It's a massive collection and it's open for the public to view before the auction is held. You can view the "That's From Disneyland!" collection until August 24th in Sherman Oaks. See more info here on hours and days. 
I did manage to take a few snaps between oogling all of the goodies:
Model of Disneyland
One of the MANY maps of Disneyland available
Larry and the big, neon "D" from the Disneyland Hotel
Those Indian Canoes were huge!
Here I am in one of those canoes in 1970 with my high school class mates. I'm the one with the orange dot on my head, getting splashed with water!

"Mary Poppins" flower vase

Of course, it was most exciting to see all of the tikis from The Enchanted Tiki Room! There was even a model of the Jungle Boat ride.
Enchanted Tiki Room Goodies
Jungle Boat Model

There were many photo opportunities set up, but I had to be corny and have our picture taken in the People Mover. I wouldn't mind having this in my backyard! It would make a delightful "cocktails for two" enclosure!

It really is a fun exhibit and an amazing collection! We walked through a couple of times. There is a little gift shop too. 
When we walked to the parking lot, I noticed this very Disney-like Bavarian/Victorian building right across the street. It's called the Pondella Building (1978, Thomas Knot, architect). Most of Kraft's collection would look perfect inside this building!
The Pondella Building, Sherman Oaks
If you have a chance to stop by in the next two weeks, do it! This is a fun exhibit! Who knows? Maybe you'll even be inspired to bid on some of the items!

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At 1:51 PM PDT, Blogger Nile said...

How fun that you have those photos of you at Dizzyland!

At 7:59 AM PDT, Blogger ken bloom said...

I remeber that trip to Disneyland. I thoughtat the time it took FOREVER to get there. Then, all of a sudden, The Matterhorn was stickin up above the orange groves! Now that was a sight!


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