Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Hangin' at The Bean

Almost every  Saturday from 3-5 pm, you'll find me with the Ocean Park Fiber Artists at The Coffee Bean in Santa Monica. This particular Coffee Bean is rather large. It's part of the Santa Monica Business Park, formerly Douglas Aircraft, on Ocean Park Boulevard.
This group is an off-shoot of our old Fairview Library Knitters. A few years ago, the Fairview Branch of the Santa Monica Library closed for remodeling. They have a Community Room where we used to knit twice a month. When they re-opened, a new policy was instituted when they started to charge for use of the Community Room. At that time we decided to meet at The Coffee Bean, down the block. It is nice to have coffee, tea and snacks available for our meet-ups. Our group is on the small side. Usually, we have 6-8 people attending. Sometimes, the group may swell to 12. Now, we meet every single Saturday.
I like this group. It's nice to have a continuity of meeting weekly. Every age is represented by the Ocean Park Fiber Artists. Every level of knitting and/or crochet expertise is evident too. I always learn something from my Saturday group!
I photographed everyone's projects this week. 
Jill is making a "Swancho" in this fab intarsia pattern. LOVE those colors!
I caught a snap of Jill's Watermelon shawlette, sitting on the table
Marge is knitting a celadon green soft and fluffy scarf
Barbara S. is working on a Tunisian Crochet top. Dig her wild navy blue, sparkly nail polish!
Lisa just started a cotton market bag
Lee is knitting this cabled, cotton slip-over
Barbara F. is crocheting baby blanket
Sherry is knitting a shrug with this gorgeous nubby yarn
I'm working on a plain, navy blue slip-over. The pattern is MIRA

We have lots of talented people at this weekly Sit 'n Knit. Won't you join us? 

Ocean Park Fiber Artists
The Coffee Bean, 3150 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica
3-5 pm, every Saturday

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