Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fancy, For Us

Last week our oven conked out. Not that I've wanted to actually turn the oven on in this L.A. heatwave! However, I usually bring cherry cobbler for our 4th of July gatherings, and I couldn't this year.
Time to shop for a new range. We went to our local Lowe's and looked around. The best part about Lowe's is that it's highly air-conditioned, fairly close to our house and Oki Dog just opened up a branch right across the street.
4601 West Pico Boulevard, Mid-City L.A.
We ended up choosing the mid-range range by Frigidaire. It's a gas range with a self-cleaning convection oven in stainless steel. I've never used a convection oven before, but it's supposed to be great for cakes and pies. Here's what it looked like at the store:
Depending on your age, this is Larry "Furness" or Larry "Vanna" Underhill presenting our new range
One of the major things I liked about this range is that there are three separate grates across the burners. Some of the models had only two grates stretched across the top. I think having just two grates would make them heavy to take over to the sink for washing. The grate in the center covers yet another warming burner . A griddle-grate was delivered for this center section if we want to grill food.

The stove fits nicely into our kitchen. I've only used the top burners so far. One day soon, when this heatwave is over, I'll bake something in my new convection oven!

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