Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sonya and Frida

Solo art show featuring the paintings of Sonya Fe, 2013, Pasadena

I recently purchased a painting from my acquaintance, Sonya Fe. I met Sonya in 2013 at Rhonda Voo's birthday party. Later that same year, Larry and I attended an art opening for Sonya in Pasadena. I realized that we had many friends in common! It turns out that Rhonda, Sonya and my husband, Larry all attended ArtCenter College of Design at the same time. Larry says that he remembers Rhonda from those years. Thank you, Brooke Keesling for introducing me to Rhonda!
Art Center Grads, Pasadena, 2013. Click on pic to identify Larry, Rhonda and Sonya

I "friended" Sonya on Facebook and have been following her life and career through her timeline. I really love her pieces. They are painterly, colorful and spirited. 
In early July, Sonya posted a painting that she had just finished of Frida Kahlo, in honor of her birthday on July 6th. I flipped when I saw "Frida, Pain and Glory." I immediately messaged Sonya and inquired if I could buy this painting. Now, it's mine. It's hanging in our living room and looking fierce!
"Frida, Pain and Glory" by Sonya Fe.
Frida is home
I began studying about the career and life of Frida Kahlo over 30 years ago. I saw a rare exhibition of her paintings at Plaza de la Raza, Lincoln Heights in January 1987. At that time I had recently finished reading a biography of Frida's husband, muralist Diego Rivera. I was so crazy about Frida's artwork, that I, too painted a portrait of her.
"Homage a Frida Kahlo," 1987 by Ellen Bloom
Oh yeah, this is definitely a piece from 1987! Check out those "Miami Vice" colors, aqua, orange and peach! Not exactly a timeless color palette. Oh well, I still like my "Frida," but I like Sonya's "Frida" better!
Recently, Sonya started posting her paintings of children to draw attention to the youngsters who have been taken from their parents at our border and put into holding areas. These paintings are done purposely in a child-like fashion. I think they are charming, but definitely hammer home the cruelty of this policy.
Paintings by Sonya Fe
"All Children Must Play" by Sonya Fe

"Where is my Mami? Where is my Papá" by Sonya Fe

"Still Waiting" by Sonya Fe
Do yourself a favor and start following Sonya Fe on Facebook! Also, check out her website!

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