Friday, August 31, 2018

Packing, Cleaning, Clearing Out

Mom is moving on Tuesday. Larry and I have been working feverishly to pack up all of her things, including paintings, furniture, books, some dishes and more. Luckily, Roz has downsized over the years, so it hasn't been too difficult of a job. The hardest part is having Mom underfoot, asking countless questions. OK, I get it. She's moving to a new part of the City, Culver City, away from her westside home. This is a new chapter in her life.
Mom is moving to a lovely retirement apartment called Palm Court. We know other people that live there and they love it. She will have a one bedroom apartment that is light and airy. We will be able to use most of her furniture, which will make her feel comfortable. 
Palm Court, Culver City

She lives in Westwood Village now and it's hell to visit her. There is so much traffic coming and going from The Village! Palm Court's location in Culver City is much easier for us to reach. It's on Overland Avenue, between Washington and Culver, right across from the west gate at Sony Studios.  It is 4.3 miles from our house to Palm Court in Culver City and 5.9 miles from our house to Westwood Village. The mileage is not that different, but the time sitting in traffic is definitely less.
Mom is moving from Westwood to Culver City
Palm Court is really lovely. Everyone there is very nice. Mom will have 3 meals a day, entertainment, exercise classes, movies and more. Also, Palm Court is right next door to the Culver City Senior Center which offers all kinds of activities, including UKULELE lessons! Roz will probably partake of the bridge games and leave the uke playing to me!
So, if any of my senior friends are interested in moving to a swell retirement apartment, tell them Roz sent you so she can receive a referral credit!
Roz and her favorite son-in-law!

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