Sunday, September 02, 2018

Labor Day

I'm thankful to all the workers who came before me, standing up for equal rights on the job.  Happy Labor Day!

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At 10:36 AM PDT, Blogger Unknown said...

Ellen, I am trying to find your email address because I love your blog and I would like to use the image of the cat in the pussy hat by someone named Tracy from an earlier blog to put on a facebook post about my new satire You seem to share my disgust with the President and his regime, so would undoubtedly like my book. I'm writing under the pseudonym "Verity Speeks," to avoid Trump internet trolls, but my name is Sharon Boorstin
. Please let me know if I can use that photo -- and/or contact Tracy -- and send you a copy of my book to read and, if you like, share with friends.


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