Thursday, November 08, 2018

Charity Crochet

It’s time to crochet this blanket.  #crochet #grannysquares #grannytriangles 
#hearts #guncontrol #stopkillinginnocentpeople #thousandoaks #borderlinebar
This blanket is good too!

I don't have patterns for either of these blankets, but they are easy enough to figure out just by looking at the photographs. This triangle square tutorial may be helpful too. 
I love to crochet and knit. I'm a fairly fast crocheter, especially with a quick granny square pattern. I've made many blankets for donation. I've made preemie baby hats, chemo caps, red scarves for foster children and more. These patterns caught my eye because of their simple message. We need more heart in this world.
Scroll down and check out these websites if you'd like to contribute. 

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