Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ideas are Everywhere!

Vintage Jack in the Box

I see designs everywhere. Of course, I'm always thinking about yarn and what sort of designs I can knit and/or crochet with yarn. I'm especially fond of grid-like, graphic designs. When I see the front of a vintage Jack in the Box fast food place, I see a perfect afghan or quilt design!
Turned on it's side, Jack's design is perfect for an afghan!

Some of my friends are bee keepers. They post photos of their honey-gathering efforts on social media. I'm immediately reminded of a hexagon crocheted motif!
Honey Bees
My Hexagon Motif Tote Bag
Alicia's Hexagon Table Runner

Breeze block is another favorite. Breeze block walls are made from concrete cinder blocks. Breeze blocks are cinder blocks that have been cut out in such a way that when stacked together they make an eye-catching graphic pattern. These walls are most popular in warm climates, like California, so that the breeze can flow through the wall while still maintaining a bit of privacy.
Popular Breeze Block Pattern in Los Angeles
I still haven't finished this blanket, but I love those BREEZY squares!
I recently participated in the Ravelry Dishcloth Swap of 2018. Everyone crochets or knits 5 dishcloths using the same pattern, turns them in and then gets 5 different cloths back in the swap. One of our group members, Becky, crocheted the most alluring cloths. They are so colorful and very mid-century modern in design. This pattern is called the "Kawung Motif" by Atty van Norel. This also reminds me of a breeze block pattern!
Breeze block that reminds me of flowers or leaves!
Becky's Kawung Motif Dishcloths
The possibilities are endless!
The instant I see a new and inspiring design, I want to try it out! There is not enough time or yarn in the world for this! How many projects are you working on at one time?

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