Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Desert X

Today, along with Larry, Leah and Nancy we visited two Desert X locations in the Palm Springs area. Desert X is an art project with various locations throughout the area. Usually, they have something to do with their locations. Our first stop was Julian Hoeber's "Going Nowhere Pavilion." It was a wall made out of rose-color cinder blocks in a mobius form. Set against the blue sky, it was quite striking with many different viewpoints

Ellen and Leah
Our next stop was "Ghost Palm" by Katie Ryan. In the words of the artist, "Ghost Palm" mimics what already exists in the proximity to it, repositioning itself in nature in an homage."
We really liked "Ghost Palm." The wind was moving the leaves exactly like a real palm tree, but because the installation was made from mylar and plastic, it shone and shimmered in the desert light!

Ellen and Nancy

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