Monday, April 06, 2020

Quarantine Knit Show

Thanks to my knit friend Mary for suggesting I join her Instagram group #QuarantineKnitShow. This has really helped me pass the time and review my past and current crochet/knit projects during quarantine. 
Mary and her #BreathingSpace Sweater

Here are Mary's parameters to participate:

Hey friends, I’ve been thinking about community in this difficult time, how important it is, and how to keep it going while we’re social distancing. I’ve also been knitting a lot, which is actually par for the course 😉, so I have an idea to try something new.
I’ve decided to start an online Quarantine Knit Show on Instagram. Everyday on my feed I will post a picture or video of me wearing one of my hand knits, and I invite you to join me! Let’s fill our feeds up with our beautiful faces and hand knits! 

Please join me on IG and look for me @marybeezo. You can also click on #QuarantineKnitShow and even follow it so you can see everyday what people are posting. 
Just post a pic of yourself wearing your hand knit sweater, shawl, mitts, hat, socks, whatever, and hashtag it #quarantineknitshow
Don’t have a lot of hand knits? That’s ok; post a pic of you with your WIPs!
Don’t knit? That’s ok too! Post yourself with one of your makes. Crochet? Sewing? Embroidery? Weaving? Hand lettering? Cooking? Yes, yes, yes and yes!
Lets turn this Quarantine Sh*t Show into a Quarantine Knit Show!!! I’m starting tomorrow, friends. Who’s in???!!!
I'm so in, Mary! Thanks for inviting me! In fact, I'm 17 days in! Here are a few of the items I've shared in the past weeks:
Warren Zevon said, "Enjoy Every Sandwich." Truer words were never said!

Elements of the Crocheted Sandwich Tawashi: White Bread, Lettuce, Tomato Slice, Swiss Cheese and SPAM
Granny Square Scarf made from self-striping sock yarn
Jeff and Audrey, sporting my best Xmas gift EVER! Crocheted Beards!

I made beards for EVERYONE that year!
I've been knitting Ballband Dishcloths while meeting online with my Saturday knit group
My latest creation, a crocheted face mask. LINED, of course!
My friend Dommy found this Japanese Crochet Chart for the face mask!
If you're bored and want to show off your crochet and knit items, join our #QuarantineKnitShow! Just tag your Instagram photo so we can all enjoy your creations!

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