Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Trolling for Patterns

In this time of quarantine, I like to pass the time by trolling the Ravelry "new patterns" section often. I always find it inspirational to see what other folks are knitting, crocheting and designing. This is a perfect procrastination project, trolling for patterns, much like the actual knitting and/or crocheting of projects! Instead of doing something useful like cleaning, cooking or organizing my closets, it only appears that I'm being useful by producing yarny objects. Most of the time, these yarny objects are not necessary, but they're usually so soft and adorable!
Here are a few patterns that have caught my interest. Click on the titles to be re-directed to the patterns:
Market Day Bag
Panda Ski Mask. All that's needed is a filter behind the mouth/nose section to qualify as a Covid-19/Corona Mask for this season
Charleston Hat.  This hat is knit AND crochet!
Eckstein Sweater
Bright Chevron Dishcloth 

San Francisco Purse

During the warmer weather I will try to concentrate on smaller projects. Having a sweater or afghan on my lap during hot weather is not a pleasant practice of procrastination!

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