Monday, July 06, 2020

Armstrong-Schroeder's Restaurant

Armstrong-Schroeder's Restaurant, Wilshire Blvd. @ Spalding Dr., Beverly Hills, 1932
I have fond memories of eating Sunday breakfast at Armstrong-Schroeder's Restaurant on the corner of Spalding Drive and Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.  I wish it was open today!  My Dad just loved the kippers and scrambled eggs.  I remember it being an old-fashioned place with green upholstered and wooden booths and colorful linoleum.
Interior, Armstrong-Schroeder's Restaurant, California State Library Collection

In the mid-1960's Armstrong-Schroeder's closed.  The building was radically remodeled and it became the first Nibbler's Restaurant.  I remember the architecture of this new restaurant being different from the usual coffee shop / Googie style.  It was very sophisticated, brick with lots of smoked glass, low-slung and attractive.
Nibbler's Restaurant, Wilshire Blvd. @ Spalding Dr., Beverly Hills. Photo by Nick Faitos, 1976
The Nibbler's Menu looked just like the building, turned on it's side
Nibbler's was a big hangout for all the kids from Beverly Hills High School, just a few blocks from campus.  It was a classy coffee shop, plush carpet, low lights and cushy booths.  Years later, Nibbler's opened up another location in an office building at the other end of Beverly Hills on Wilshire at Gale Dr., just west of La Cienega.  Both restaurants are closed today.
The Wilshire/Spalding building later became a bank. Now it is a small office building. The low-slung, clean lines still remain.  I'm hoping that some of my architect historian friends chime in with the name of the architect of the original Nibbler's.
9766 Wilshire Boulevard @ Spalding Dr., Beverly Hills, 2015. Photo, Google Maps
There have been LOTS of changes on the streets of my youth! I wonder if anything is left of Armstrong-Schroeder's in the hiding places of this building?

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At 8:26 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

I'm sure there's nothing left. When the bank took over the site, the city gave it a variance, allowing the bank to extend its basement a number of feet into the street. I always liked that Nibblers.


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