Tuesday, January 05, 2021

New Year's Day 2021

New Year's Day, 1956, Disneyland with Ellen and Ken

Usually, on New Year's Day, Larry and I watch the Rose Parade on TV, have breakfast, then we decide to visit some park-like spot. This year, the Rose Parade in Pasadena was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. It was a Friday that felt like a Sunday. It threw me off-balance. 

When I was a child, my Dad wasn't particularly a football fan, so we never stayed home to watch the Rose Bowl game on TV. It was the perfect day to visit Disneyland! The crowds were light, so the lines for rides were short. Every January 1st was our day at Disneyland. This is why my brother and I are all bundled up in most of the photos. It's COLD in January in Anaheim!

This year, Larry and I got started on our field trip earlier than usual. We drove out to the Sepulveda Basin in the valley and visited Lake Balboa. There are 80 acres of park land, including the lake, barbecue pits, paddle boats, picnic areas, a baseball diamond and two adjacent pocket parks. It was fairly busy on New Year's day, but everyone was wearing masks.

We walked around the lake area and saw some people fishing. There were also some kids with model sail boats attached to a line. The swan paddle boat area was closed, but there were real swans and ducks in the lake!

We had a nice visit to this pretty park. We will come back with a picnic lunch one day. 

Happy New Year 2021 from Ellen and Larry

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