Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Breakfast Downtown

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I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to meet Christine downtown for breakfast. I've been lunching with Christine for about a year now every Thursday. We work across the street from each other and we both knit and crochet, so we've formed a mini-Stitch 'n Bitch at work. Sadly (for me), Christine has relocated employment to the Valley, which is good for her, since she lives there. I met Christine through Crazy Aunt Purl. Christine showed up at one of Auntie's yard sales. Being extremely outgoing and Southern, Auntie invited Christine to a barbecue at her home. That's where we met and hit it off immediately.
Christine and I are going to attempt to see each other often, even though we don't work near each other anymore. We wanted to choose a location half-way between our homes, so we decided on Philippe's for breakfast.
I've been eating at Philippe's all my life, but never for breakfast. The breakfast menu is huge. I decided to have The Combo: Choice of two halves of French toast, dipped in cinnamon egg batter, or two pancakes, choice of one sausage patty or two strips of bacon, two eggs any style, and your choice of any small juice or coffee...$5.75. Christine had eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, biscuits, coffee...about $4. We ordered a baked apple to share.

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Ellen's Combo

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Christine's Classic

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Everything was simply prepared and delicious. We sat in an old wooden booth in the Clown Room which features clippings, photos and memorabilia of all the circus folks who have eaten at Phillippe's over the years.

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Clown Room @ Phillippe's
For an early Saturday breakfast, Phillippe's is perfect....not rushed, not too crowded. We spent lots of time in our booth visiting without feeling like we had to give up our table to people waiting. I'll definitely go back for breakfast to try the corned beef hash and eggs.
After I left Christine, I zipped south to the Fashion District to Michael Levine's fabric shop. They carry yarn and have a great notions section. I needed to stock up on belt buckles, buttons and various other sundries for upcoming holiday gifts. To my surprise, all of the workers at Levine's were in costume in celebration of Halloween. One lady had this absolutely fantastic peacock outfit on.

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Peacock Lady @ Michael Levine's

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Clown & Princess @ Levine's

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"Eyes Wide Shut" @ Levine's

I love downtown L.A.



At 1:10 PM PST, Anonymous Christine G. said...

Oh Ellen, I miss you so much. The people here are great, but there's no Ellen in sight!

See you at the Saturday pre-SnB food fest (in other words...breakfast!).

Love and hugs from The Valley.

At 2:45 PM PST, Blogger Madge said...

Wow, those Michael Levine people know how to costume, don't they?

And Philippe's. Complete with scary clown art. Yum.

Happy Halloween!

At 11:05 AM PST, Anonymous ~drew emborsky~ said...

Hi Christine!! =)

At 4:37 PM PST, Blogger sappmama said...

You know, I love Michael Levine's more every time I go there. The first time I visited, I felt a bit overwhelmed with all the fabulousness the store has to offer. But now, I SO appreciate it. I think of ML's as that nice bridge between JoAnn's and tony local stores like International. And there's nothing like the 2 dollar table.

Tino, one of the guys who works at ML's, has made me promise to speak Spanish whenever I see him, so I can actually learn the language instead of relying on hola.

So cool that the staff dressed up for Halloween. How fantastic is that peacock costume?

Okay. I'll stop waxing rhapsodic now. Great post, Ellen, as always.

At 11:20 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ellen,

I happened upon your blog by accident but I enjoy it immensely. I lived in LA for 15 years and for some ungodly reason decided that I had to live closer to my family in Oregon. As I type this, I am looking outside at pouring rain. Pretty fall leaves, but wet. Every time I read your blog I get homesick for LA. But I love Portland, too. The summers here are so pretty and the early fall is gorgeous. I also knit (not very well) and try to crochet. These hobbies among a few others keep me busy during the dreary winter. Anyway, just wanted you to know that your blog brings me a little So Cal sunshine every time I read it and when I go to your food page, I am always craving and missing my favorite spots in LA.

Thanks for listening…

Portland, Oregon


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