Friday, November 03, 2006

Desert Art Crawl

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We're driving out to the high desert tonight to attend the 5th Annual Morongo Basin Studio Art Tours. We'll be heading to the east end of the basin to visit studios in Joshua Tree, 29 Palms and Wonder Valley. We have a few friends that live full-time out in the desert too, so this is a good chance to visit.
There's one studio in particular that I'm interested in seeing in person....Shari Elf's website is intriguing. She makes art from recycled objects. She sings and records music. She's the curator of the World Famous Crochet Museum! If I can find my crocheted taco, buried under the piles of yarn at my house, I may just donate it to Shari's Crochet Museum.

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Possible donation to World Famous Crochet Museum

Mixed Media by Shari Elf

My favorite art piece of Shari's is above. When I was in high school, Cher was my idol. My hair was long like her's, I died it jet-black and then ironed it so it would be Indian-straight, like her's. To me, she's a fashion and recording industry star. Talk about re-inventing yourself? Forget about Madonna, Cher is Queen. Apparently, Shari Elf must feel the same way about Cher's style and vast wealth of knowledge and talent.

Have a marvelous weekend!



At 10:45 PM PST, Anonymous catherine said...

But really, what WOULD Cher do? ;)

Have a great time in the desert! I love that area and hope to go back there soon.

See you at SnB in two weeks!

At 12:01 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

It was nice meeting you this weekend. Thanks for coming out and the sweet note, and also the nice note in my guest book.

That is so nice what you put in your blog!

I look very much forward to putting your crochet taco in the museum, is there anyway you can sign it on the bottom or something? that would be fun.

Best wishes to you and say hi to the Stitch and Bitch ladies.

Maybe someday a stitch and bitch meeting can form at the crochet museum.
: )

Shari Elf


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