Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sweater Vest - Complete!

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Model Tom in Crocheted Sweater Vest
OK, one holiday gift completed, many to go! I finished my brother's sweater vest. I crocheted it with Cascade Wool. The color is called "Smoke." I loosely followed a pattern on the Lionbrand site called Fisherman Crochet Aran Vest. The old codger in the photo doesn't look ANYTHING like my brother, but the style is perfect for Ken who is a woodsy kind of guy.
I asked one of my co-workers,who is approximately the same size as Ken if he would model the vest for me so I could photograph it. Tom graciously obliged. He's so G.Q.
This was a relatively quick vest to crochet. I used a size "G" crochet hook, and since most rows are double crochet, it grew rapidly. I will definitely crochet this vest again, with a few variations.

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Close-up, Vest Front

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Half-Double Herringbone Crochet Stitches for the Trim

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"Vogue For Men" is calling!



At 2:46 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did such a good job. The vest looks very professional! I'm sure your brother will love it.


At 3:03 PM PST, Blogger Pam said...

VERY NICE! And manly too! (BTW I LOVED your Frieda Kahlo halloween and your taco MUST be in the Crochet Museum!)

At 7:44 PM PST, Anonymous Neil said...

Wow, that looks like something you can buy at Nordstrom for two hundred dollars. And the fact that you made it, gives it so much more meaning.

At 12:37 PM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...


That vest is outstanding (much like everything else I've ever seen you produce). Really, it is gorgeous. And TOM! Producer of "Damn Whitey"!!! Whodda thunkit?!

At 4:15 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for all the compliments, everyone! I can't believe I finally finished a project and it actually fits someone!!!


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