Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kitty Kat Hat

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Kitty Kat Hat

Sturdy & Washable Acrylic Yarn

I'm finally finishing up my holiday gifts! Yayyyy! Now I can go back to the zillions of projects I started for me.

I just completed the cutest Kitty Kat Hat for my co-worker's daughter. She's 3 years old. When she was born I crocheted her a little off-white afghan. Last year I gave her a Red Riding Hood poncho. I saw Catherine wearing a burgundy Kitty Kat Hat last week at the WeHo SnB. I think she probably got her pattern from the Stitch 'n Bitch Knit Book (see photo, left). and I also saw Amy wearing her version of the Cat Hat last week. The Cat Hat is very popular.

I used Amy's pattern idea of just knitting a ribbed piece on circular needles. After binding off, I sewed a seam across the top of the piece, thereby creating the little kitty ears. I added some crocheted triangles for inner ears and voila....a darling little Kitty Kat Hat.

I used Red Heart Acrylic for the ribbed hat, size 9 circular knitting needles, cast on 72 stitches, knit in 2 X 2 ribbing for approximately 7 inches, bind off. Crocheted triangles for inner ear, size "F" hook in pink yarn, chain 10, decrease at the beginning of every row until one stitch remains, fasten off, sew triangles onto ears.



At 12:01 PM PST, Anonymous Mary-Heather said...

Now that is just too cute! And so easy; what a great gift idea! Thanks for sharing the pattern, too!

At 1:21 PM PST, Anonymous mk said...

What a great quick knit!

At 5:41 PM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Too, too cute. I can think of a certain leetle baby that would love one!!!

BTW, I *HATE* you for saying you're done with your xmas knitting. I'm stressing out over mine!!!

At 4:14 PM PST, Blogger Madge said...

You make the cutest hats. This one is purrfect.


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