Monday, March 08, 2010


Our alma mater, Beverly Vista Elementary School
This past Saturday was cloudy and rainy AGAIN. I drove out to the Sherman Oaks Galleria to meet up with my elementary school girlfrieds for lunch. We met at the El Torito Grill.
El Torito Grill, Sherman Oaks Galleria

L-R: Dale, Karen, Deb, Denise, Linda, Sue B., Diana Sue C.
We were supposed to have a group of about 20 ladies....16 showed up. It was really fun seeing so many of my childhood friends. Two girls came in from Santa Barbara, one from Palm Desert, the rest of us live in the L.A. area.
L-R: Diana, Mrs. C., Sue C., Sandy, Alison, Mandy
We traded old stories, got caught up on each other's lives and generally had a wonderful time. The lighting inside El Torito was dim, but I didn't want to use my flash (too harsh), so I opened up my lense all the way and hoped for the best. I kinda' like the soft, blurriness of the photos. At our advanced age, blurriness is a good thing.
Front Row: Linda, Denise, Kathy
Middle Row: Mandy, Gayle, Debra, Sue
Back Row (standing): Karen, Sandy, Alison, Deb, Ellen, Dale, Sue, Judy, Diana

Looking forward to seeing ALL of you (and more) at our big high school reunion in October!

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At 6:42 PM PST, Blogger andi said...

GREAT pix!!! i think would've recognized everyone in a heartbeat! i felt like i was there, even tho' i was far, far away..... until october~~~

At 8:40 PM PST, Blogger woolanthropy said...

It's awesome that you all got together. Also it's very impressive that you remember everyone's name.

At 8:42 AM PDT, Blogger carlita dee said...

Everyone looks great. It's a testament to fine LA livin'.


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