Thursday, January 06, 2011

Stuff Around the House

It's boring blog days like these that prompt me to look through my cache of digi-photos and pick out some interesting ones to display. Today's pictorial trip takes us through a few things viewed around the house.

I certainly do have a fondness for mid-20-century ceramics!Ceramics by Sascha Brastoff Paintings by Tony de CarloPoodles are a recurring theme. Print by ShagOh yeah. And then there's the yarn!

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At 2:29 PM PST, Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I love your home. Grommet! Chicken Boy!! Poodles!!! So much fun.

At 3:56 PM PST, Blogger betty said...

Wow! You have an amazing amount of interesting stuff. I like tiki mugs display thingie.

At 4:32 PM PST, Anonymous Danny said...

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, you have the coolest house EVER! (Love the Farmer's Market Tower pill box!) You really must deed the contents of your home to the American Folk Art Museum after you kick the bucket! But before that, put out a coffee table book of your fabulous collections...

At 3:19 PM PST, Blogger Bishop Stone said...

OH I love those dogs


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