Friday, December 24, 2010

Vintage Photo Friday

Seasons Greetings from Holiday High School

2010 was the Year of the Reunion for us. We both celebrated our high school reunions this year....mine from Beverly Hills High School, Larry's from Birmingham High School in the San Fernando Valley. Since the reunion took up so much of our time and effort, we thought we'd highlight that in our holiday card.
Today is my Auntie Mae's birthday. My Mom, Mae and Mae's daughters, Marilyn and Carolyn, along with Marilyn's daughter, Jackie are going to Spago for lunch to celebrate. I do love being in downtown Beverly Hills during the holidays, especially when I don't have to buy anything other than lunch! The decorations and shop windows are always so wonderful.
When I was a kid, I did most of my Chanukah and Christmas shopping on Beverly Drive. We used to ride our bikes there, listen to records at the Gramophone Shop, check out the new Barbie doll clothes at Toy Mart and then do our serious shopping at Newberry's. Can you imagine that Newberry's Five and Dime Store used to be on ritzy Beverly Drive in the middle of Beverly Hills?!! How times have changed!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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At 2:22 PM PST, Blogger aracne said...

Happy holidays to you, Ellen, your posts kept me smiling all year long!

At 8:08 AM PST, Blogger LadyEEKnits said...

Is that really an existing storefront of Newberry's ?. They had everything in there including a cafeteria with tables. Fond memmories of Newberry's, I havn't thought of it for years....Happy Holidays.

At 2:16 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi LadyEEKnits,
Not sure if this particular Newberry's still exists, but it looks just like the one on Beverly Dr. in the 60's. My Newberry's had a lunch counter (no tables). There was an aviary in the back where they sold birds!


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