Friday, November 04, 2011

Vintage Photo Friday

Granny's In Da House! Grannies ARE the house?

Today, all I can think about is TOMORROW! I'll be at the Loop & Leaf yarn shop in Santa Barbara with Joan Tapper. We'll be talking about the newly released book, "Craft Activism." Joan is the author, Gale Zucker is the photographer and I'm featured in one chapter on GRANNY SQUARES!!!
I've gathered tons of my granny square creations to illustrate how granny squares are the building blocks to fashion! If you're in the area, do drop by. We'll be at the Loop & Leaf from 1-3pm, 536 Brinkerhoff Ave., near downtown Santa Barbara.
Below are a few vintage granny items found on the interwebs:

Vintage Granny Vest
Cozy Granny Poncho
Clint is HAWT in this granny vest!

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At 2:59 PM PDT, Blogger betty said...

Have fun at the book event! Where on earth did that photo of Clint Eastwood (I'm assuming that's him!) come from? Was it from a movie scene?

At 3:54 PM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

Oh I so wish I could make the jaunt to SB to check out all of your granny goodies and to hear all about that beautiful book. I am not so sure about Clint but I do really like the other vest. The woman looks so Audrey Hepburnish!

At 6:32 PM PDT, Blogger susanc said...

Have a great time tomorrow in SB - I love it up there! Clint in the granny vest - LOL! :)

At 6:52 PM PST, Blogger Jean said...

Joie de Vie! It is so good to see you living to the fullest, what energy you have! Glad to see some of your writing talent getting a little more exposure.I hope to be able to attend the saturday knitting group, but am leaving for Arizona on Sunday to visit my Uncle and also have a dinner to attend on Saturday, plus an art exhibit... Fingers crossed that I can find a little time. Hugs

At 8:20 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks, Jean. If we don't see you on 11/12, have a wonderful trip to Arizona!


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