Thursday, March 01, 2012

Crazy Busy!

Kamaka Ukulele Factory

Oy! You'd think we weren't on vacation the way we've been running around!
First stop this morning, the Kamaka Ukulele Factory for a wonderful tour with the son of the original owner, Fred Kamaka. The factory is vintage and cool. The ukuleles are gorgeous, beautifully crafted and expensive!

Mr. Kamaka, holding a Pineapple Uke

Next stop, Academy of Art to see a Hawaiian quilt exhibit.

They also have tons of Asian art and an impressive modern art section. We walked down the block to the Dew Drop Inn for a tasty North Chinese lunch.
There was a huge Goodwill store across the street from the restaurant. My Ravelry friend, Tori, told me about this place. There were rows and rows of Aloha shirts. Larry was in heaven! He managed to find four really great shirts.

Larry's Happy Place

After ALL of that running around, it was finally Mai-Tai time!!

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At 12:23 AM PST, Anonymous Richard Henderson said...

"...the way we've been running around!" As though we might expect anything less from the two of you!

This is a great vicarious vacation experience, Ellen. Thanks! Haven't been to Hawai'i for a couple of years, the imagery is da kine.

At 11:19 AM PST, Anonymous Suze said...

Ooh, I would like a Mai Tai right NOW. It's only 11:18 a.m. but, hey, it's Friday!!!

At 12:56 PM PDT, Anonymous nuts4fiber said...

I love that totally crazy, frou frou Mai Tai sitting next to that minimalist beer!


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