Friday, February 24, 2012

All Eyes Are On Los Angeles

Vintage Photo Friday
View of RKO Pantages Theater in Hollywood,
site of the Academy Awards presentation, March 25, 1950.
An abandoned Oscar sits on the window sill in the foreground.
Photo by Ed Phillips, Herald Examiner Collection

All eyes, around the world, will be on Los Angeles this Sunday night. It's the 84th annual Academy Awards presentation, commonly known as The Oscars! More people probably watch the Rose Parade televised from Pasadena on New Year's Day, but the Academy Awards rate high on the list. Viewers will be watching stars and industry professionals navigate the red carpet leading into the Theater formerly known as Kodak. They will notice the sunny, blue skies of Los Angeles. They will want to move here.
People of the World, please do not move to Los Angeles. It's crowded here. You might like the weather, but it's difficult to travel from one end of town to another. Also, it's expensive to live here. Please stay in your home town and watch us on TV, OK?
The Award ceremony has had many homes over the years. Here's a list from the Academy of the various locations: Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown L.A. It was a big deal in 2002 when the ceremony moved back to Hollywood after 30 years in Downtown L.A. The Kodak Theater was built for the ceremony. Sadly, the name of this theater is no longer the Kodak. Also, there have been rumors that the ceremony may move back Downtown to the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live. Nokia is way larger than the Kodak. More people could attend the ceremony, however the tradition of holding the ceremony in Hollywood will be missed.
The Pantages Theater, built in 1930, has been updated, restored and now presents live theater performances. I always enjoy going there just to view the opulent structure, inside and out.

Interior, Pantages TheaterHollywood, 1958

Are you going to the Oscars this year? I live10 minutes away from Hollywood, but I'll be at home, watching on the wide-screen with the rest of the world!

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At 12:25 PM PST, Blogger Laurie Ann said...

As someone who lives just blocks from the Kodak Theatre, I'll be enjoying the dulcet tones of news helicopters hovering overhead, and the accompanying symphony of car horns as traffic gets backed up for miles on Sunset Blvd. Ah, Hollywood.


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