Thursday, October 10, 2013

Art Show

On Saturday night Larry and I attended an art opening in South Pasadena at the Fremont Gallery.  I'd never been to this gallery before.  It's a large gallery, a bit off the beaten path.  The show on exhibit was "Brushes of Fire," the art of Sonya Fe.
We bonded with Sonya at Rhonda's party this summer.  Turns out, we know many of the same people AND Larry was a student at Art Center the same time as Sonya and Rhonda!  If you live in the same place long enough, eventually you will know everyone.
I really like Sonya's work.  Here are a few pieces at the show, continuing through October 30th:
"God's Other Child" by Sonya Fe
"Pulling Strings Doesn't Stop in Childhood" by Sonya Fe
Sonya's Family, resting in front of the monkey painting!!

I'm thrilled for Sonya!  There was a large turnout for the opening.  Her paintings are very strong and painterly.  I hope she sells out.
Art Center College of Design Graduates!

We met up with our friends Ester and Perry at the show and ended up driving down the block to SeƱor Fish for dinner.  Ester is quite an artist, herself.  Her latest piece, "Our Lady of Guadalupe" was recently installed at Our Lady of Guadalupe School in L.A.  Ester also participates in the annual Pasadena Chalk Festival.
Ester with Sonya's "I Am Woman" painting

Tis the season for more art shows!  This weekend, check out "Beyond Eden" at Hollywood's historic Barnsdall Park!  It's gonna be a major scene!

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