Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Day of Thanks

All of my life, we've observed Thanksgiving with my Mother's side of the family.  Auntie Mae and Uncle Marvin have always hosted the feast.   First, in their duplex on Spalding Drive in Beverly Hills, then in their faboo mid-20th century home in Bel-Air and finally in their  glamorous high-rise on the Wilshire Corridor in Westwood.  For the past 10 years or so, we've been celebrating off-site, either at a local restaurant or at the Del Rey Yacht Club.  This family tradition continues later today.  24 of us will convene in Marina del Rey for our family Thanksgiving feast.  Many members of our family are gone, but we have new ones to replace the departed.  It will be a wonderful celebration of life and gratefulness.  I love my family!
Here are a few photos that my Dad took during the early 1960s at our Bel-Air celebrations.

Starting in the front, clockwise:  Ponytail girl is Janet, Ken Bloom, barely visible Ken Ronney, Phil, Marilyn, Ellen, not sure whose hand that is, probably Carolyn, Uncle Bob1961, Bel Air
L-R:  Grandma's hands, Grandpa, Marvin, Marvin's mother, Fannie, Roz's red head!  1961, Bel Air
L-R, buffet line:  The edge of Phil's head, Marilyn, Grandpa, Grandma, Ellen, Laurie, Auntie Celia, Janet.  Aunt Celia must be warning us about something!  1963, Bel Air
Mrs. Goodson, Janet, Grandpa and Ellen, after dinner.  1963, Bel-Air

I do not look thrilled in any of these photos.  Must be pre and post-turkey grogginess!  Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends.  Celebrate the good times and the bad times too.  It's all about enjoying every single moment!

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