Monday, December 02, 2013

Selfies and Ussies

Oh this crazy blog!  Most blogs are about the writer.  This post in particular is about ME, ME, ME!!
Cousin Barbara and ME, Playa del Rey

The Oxford Dictionary word of the year is SELFIE.  Since this news came out last week, I've been obsessed with taking Selfies and Ussies (me with one other person).  I've been taking ussies for years, I just didn't know what to call them!
Here are a few of my Selfies and Ussies from the past Thanksgiving weekend in Los Angeles.
Ellen and Larry, inside Philippe's Restaurant, Los Angeles
Ellen and Larry, outside Philippe's in the L.A. rain
Cousin Carolyn and ME, Del Rey Yacht Club, Marina del Rey
Cousin Laurie and ME, Del Rey Yacht Club, Marina del Rey
ME, The Knitting Tree Yarn Shop, Culver City
ME, HBO Offices, Santa Monica.  My fave HBO show started last night, "Treme"

It was great seeing my cousins, aunties and uncles over the weekend.  We all had lots of laughs and a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  I hope you did too.

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At 12:53 PM PST, Blogger Patricia Edie said...

You are so "with it" girl!


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