Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Even though we were back in Los Angeles from our vacation in Louisiana, we wanted to maximize that holiday feeling on Friday!  I've been wanting to visit the Velveteria in China Town.  After a delicious taco lunch at Guisado's in Silver Lake, we made our way to New High Street, a few blocks away.
Fresh Fish Taco on Homemade Tortillas - Guisado's

Velveteria is a museum of velvet paintings, some vintage and many new.  The look of oil paint on velvet is rich and textural.  This is an exquisite collection!  

All of the kitschy examples are there, Elvis on velvet, Jesus on velvet, puppies and other animals on velvet and of course, topless South Seas Island girls on velvet.  There's a black-light room that is inspiring.  One of the many surprises is that some of our famous friends in the L.A. pop-culture world are also depicted in velvet, including Tiki expert, Sven Kirsten and L.A. Histotainer, Charles Phoenix!

Not velvet, but a large collection of POODLES!

Tiki Expert, Sven Kirsten, on velvet

Histotainer, Charles Phoenix, on velvet

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