Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's Hot. We Need Tees!

The weather in Los Angeles is getting progressively hotter.  We barely had a winter last year.  It will be summer weather way into October, I'm sure.  When you're a yarn-a-holic, this can be problematic.  I love the feel of knitting and/or crocheting with fine merino wool.  No matter how fine the wool is, it's hot to wear.  I could make the laciest wool garment, full of holes and it would still be uncomfortable to wear in L.A. most of the year.
Believe it or not, cotton yarn can be heavy and warm too.  The trick is to find a yarn that breathes.  Usually, a cotton and silk blend is good.  I need to make more t-shirt style tops, loose and comfy.  I've made a couple.  My first inspiration was the tee that the president of our knit guild, Peggy, made.  I first saw Peggy's Tee a couple of years ago.  She crocheted two rectangles, sideways in a v-stitch using cotton thread doubled.  Then, she sewed the rectangles together at the shoulders and sides to make a comfy tee.

Peggy and the "Peggy Tee"
I made my own version of the Peggy Tee.  They are both comfy, but not exactly flattering.  Next time I'll make longer bell sleeves that breathe.
Ellen's Versions of the "Peggy Tee"
Many of my L.A. knitter friends have made successful tees.  The queen of knitspiration, Ana, makes tank tops and tees with ease.
Ana's Tank and Tee
Another one of my yarny inspirational friends is Lenora.  She made two crocheted tees this past summer from various publications.  Both are knock-outs!
Lenora's Ballet-Neck Tee and her Convergence Top
I saw another clever idea at the Guild meeting this past weekend from Chinda.  Chinda started knitting a scarf, got bored with it and ended up turning it into a capped-sleeve little top.  She made two scarves, joined them down the center, leaving a v-shaped neck for her head.  She also joined the sides but left side-slits at the bottom edge.  SOOOOOO cute!
Chinda's Scarf V-Neck Tee

Time to search my stash for lightweight yarn and whip up a few more tees using my friends' tops as inspiration!

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At 9:14 PM PDT, Blogger betty said...

I love that 2-scarves tee idea! I always wanted to try putting two rectangles together, but I never thought of using 2 scarf patterns.

At 9:14 PM PDT, Blogger betty said...

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