Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Signs of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for it's neon signs.  In fact, in recent years the City has realized just how popular vintage signs are.  They have erected a museum for these marvels of technology.  On our last day in Las Vegas, Larry and I took a trip Downtown.  We were on the less popular edge of Fremont Street.  This part of town looks bombed out.  Many of the old motels and restaurants are gone.  There are vacant lots everywhere, waiting to be developed.  We found a few remnants of the past still alive, but fading fast.
I certainly hope that the City will save some of these gems.   Better yet, it would be wonderful if a few of these places were modernized and revitalized!

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At 6:42 PM PST, Blogger Divya Morris said...

My MIL was the model for the main statue on the sign at the old Primadonna Casino. I tease her that we are going to find the sign and install it in her backard.


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