Friday, June 19, 2015

Land-Locked Luau


1959. Reseda Republican Women's Club Members get into the mood for their benefit Hawaiian fete. Notice the diving board and no visible water in the swimming pool.

I do love going through the L.A. Public Library photo collection. Here are a few photos from the Valley Times Collection from my search of the word "luau." Since this is the Valley Times, all of the photos were taken in the land-locked San Fernando Valley. Of course, there is no shortage of swimming pools in the Valley. That's where most of these luaus must have taken place!
1962.  Members of the Woman's Club of Burbank will gather with their husbands and guests for their first social event of the year, a luau at the clubhouse.
1963. Burbank Jr. Woman's Club members get in the mood for their Hawaiian Hootenanny.
1965. Flowers set the theme for the Canoga Park Emblem Club's annual summer luau.

Well alright!  Time to dig out the tiki torches and exotic cocktail recipes, practice some ukulele songs, press my muu-muu and prepare for summer luau time!  Have a wonderful, hot summer weekend!

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At 8:12 AM PDT, Blogger ken bloom said...

We've done quite a few luaus at Clifftop. The folks from Ohio started it with an engagement party. They brought sand, palm trees, paper lanterns etc. You get the idea. Me and two other folks provided the languid musical background. About the only thing missing was poi. Truely a great experience.


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