Friday, August 07, 2015

Googie Ghost - Vintage Photo Friday

Vassar House Apartments, Canoga Park. 1965, Valley Times Photo Collection

I like to cruise through the L.A. Public Library's photo collection.  They have ALL of the Valley Times collection of photos. The San Fernando Valley's post-World War II growth was immense. It went from orange groves, ranches and farms to a highly dense area of homes, apartments, shopping centers and everything else needed for modern civilization to survive.
I found a photograph of the Vassar House Apartments from 1965, announcing an open house for new apartments developed by Janro Corporation. The apartment is located at 7043 Vassar Street, Canoga Park.
I like the clear script announcing the name of the apartment complex.  I found a photo on Google Maps of this location.  The Vassar House Apartments are still there, however that lovely sign is gone. There is just a ghost image of the letters that exist, although the supports for the metal letters are still in place.  The bushes have grown and balconies and patios are cluttered. Progress.
7043 Vassar Street, Canoga Park. 2015. Google Maps Photo

It is most difficult to find vintage photos of ordinary places. I wish I had taken more photos of all of the homes we lived in when I was a child. Time to get out there and take more photos! Have a great weekend.

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