Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Arbor Day and the Ebell of Los Angeles

Officials of the Ebell Club of Los Angeles and two gentleman from the L.A. Chamber of Commerce plant a Washingtonia fan palm on Wilshire Blvd. in honor of Arbor Day, 1935. Herald-Examiner Collection, LA Public Library
You don't see much hoopla about Arbor Day in Los Angeles anymore. I guess we have enough trees planted in our urban landscape. In fact, many of those fast-growing ficus trees with their overgrown roots should be torn out before they disrupt our sidewalks more!

Arbor Day is usually celebrated toward the end of April or beginning of May. The date differs in each State, depending on their growing season. This is the day that we celebrate the role of trees in our lives and promote tree planting and care. The holiday originated in 1872, Nebraska. Those dusty plains needed trees!
Hmmm? It seems that Arbor Day and Earth Day are quite near each other! Coincidence?
I like this photo, above, of the members of The Ebell of Los Angeles planting one of those ever-present palm trees on Wilshire Boulevard on a rainy day. Today, I'm sure that tiny palm tree towers over the street! I wish it would rain again! Here are a few vintage photos of the Ebell building (1927, Sumner P. Hunt, architect).
Wilshire Ebell Theater, 1937. LA Public Library Collection

The Ebell looks much the same today:
The Ebell in 2014, during L.A. Conservancy Event 

This is a beautifully preserved cluster of buildings, encompassing banquet halls, a huge theater, patios, ballrooms and more. The Ebell of Los Angeles are still going strong. The club was founded in 1894 to further the education of women in America. Read more about it here

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