Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

Today, my co-worker and friend, Aileen and I had lunch at Kula Sushi on Sawtelle. It's got this revolving conveyor belt that weaves it's way around the entire restaurant! Aileen says it's just like a Tokyo restaurant. 
The cold sushi is served this way. If you want to order a hot dish like gyoza or noodles, you press a button on this automated menu and a waitress brings you the dish. 
When you're done eating a dish, you throw the empty plate down this little chute at your table. 
Dirty Plate Chute

At the end of the meal the computerized screen tells you how many dishes you had and charges you accordingly. It's so automated and wonderful. When we were done, this little cartoon came up on the screen. CUTE! The food was yummy too!

An added plus, Kula is right next door to Beard Papa cream puffs! Perfect for dessert!

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