Friday, October 21, 2016

This Weekend

We will be concentrating on adding to our huge collection of eyeglass frames. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, L.A. Eyeworks is holding it's annual frame sale. This is one of my favorite events of the year. I get to hang out with all of my four-eyed friends in the most fun place on Melrose!
Some years I go crazy and buy 4 or 5 frames. Other years I buy nothing. I'm still wearing about 4 frames purchased in years past exclusively. Others are mistakes. One day I should have an eyeglass frame sale of my own!
They keep bringing out boxes and boxes of great frames!
We've been going to the sale for at least 10 years. It's best to go during the dinner hour. Don't worry about getting there right when the doors open. The supply of eyeglass frames is replenished throughout the sale. You won't miss a thing!
Why didn't I buy these in 2014?  They're great!!
I like to go to the sale with Larry. Larry has been wearing eyeglasses since he was 7 years old. He's an expert on fit, comfort and style of your eyeglass frames!
Veteran Eyeglass Wearer, Larry Underhill

Here we are in 2009 trying on matching green frames.  Nope, not for us!
L.A. Eyeworks Sales, 2009
That very same year, we ran into Natalie and her husband Joe. It was a photo opportunity!
Natalie and Joe, 2009
2009. We were thinking about going with the orange frames. I bought them. Natalie did not.

See you there this weekend, friends!

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