Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Century City, More than 50 Years Later

Century City Mall, 1966. Herald Examiner Photo Collection

I decided to extend my holiday vacation by one day and not go back to work until Wednesday. On Tuesday, Larry and I drove to my childhood mall, Century Square Shopping Center. Century City, full of offices buildings, a hotel and my beloved mall was carved out of the back lot at 20th Century-Fox Studios. The carving started in the late 1950s when the Studio sold their back lot to Alcoa for real estate development. I grew up about 4 blocks away, near Roxbury Park. One day one of my girlfriends said, "Hey, let's ride our bikes over to Century City!" I said, "Where's that?" We proceeded to ride up and down the old studio streets, now under construction while we picked up a few nickle slugs along the way. 
Once I was in high school, next door to Century City, the mall was in full operation. I spent a good part of my youth in the shops and restaurants there. Of course, I've seen many changes over the past few decades...expansion, new stores, etc., but nothing prepared me for the total change of the NEW Century City Mall!
Before it was Gelson's, Mayfair Market was at the bottom of the ramp
Just up the ramp from the supermarket, we even had a cool, modern Clifton's Cafeteria

A few of the original office buildings have been torn down for the expansion. The mall is unrecognizable from just a couple of years ago. I must say, it is gorgeous and has really kept up with the times. HOWEVER, there are so many high-end stores, that I find it difficult to even shop there.
The large, new outdoor gathering area at the mall, suitable for live entertainment

The outdoor areas are stunning, with new gathering places, beautiful furniture and spectacular terrazzo and tile work.

We were most interested to check out Eataly, the new Italian marketplace with multiple restaurants. I must say, it was an impressive array of Italian food products. Anything you could possibly require to cook an Italian meal is available.
Eataly is just above Macy's on the north/eastern edge of the Mall
All Italian food products are available!

There are a few booths with guys pulling fresh mozzarella cheese, lots of fresh bread makers, butchers and more. There are also some nice restaurants as well as pizza stands, etc. I've heard that a few more restaurants will be opening on the upper level.
After touring Eataly, we walked over to the exact opposite corner of the Mall where the AMC Theaters are located. We checked out the food court which has been updated and improved. The Mall is huge! It is a dining and entertainment destination.
I miss Judy's, Joseph Magnin's and The Broadway. Sigh.

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At 10:51 AM PST, Blogger Nile said...

Hey! You have one tag with the original logo!

At 10:53 AM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Found on the internet, Nile!

At 8:10 AM PST, Blogger Art in LA said...

Hi Ellen ... I stumbled on your blog when I searched for "Sears Pico". I grew up nearby there and saw that you posted about that part of town. We recently went to Eataly at Century City too. Very cool place!

I've had a blogspot blog for years now, but have only posted for the first time this year ... LOL. I'll probably write about L.A.-related topics too. Like you, L.A. is my hometown. Take a look at

I'll stop by here again. Keep posting!


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