Monday, August 14, 2006

Saturday SnB

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The Crochet Dude wearing his "Welcome to L.A." Lei
On the second Saturday of every month we have a daytime SnB at the Original Farmers Market. This is an off-shoot of my long-time Warm-Up L.A. / Stitches From The Heart group that's been going on for about 6 or 7 years.
We started out in a yarn shop in Santa Monica, knitting and crocheting hats, scarves, blankets, etc. for women's shelters in the Santa Monica area. That group also contributed dog and cat blankets to the Amanda Foundation in Beverly Hills. We moved to a nearby park and to various coffee houses until we finally ended up at my favorite place on earth, the Original Farmers Market. Kathy Silverton, founder of Stitches From The Heart came to one of our meetings and recruited us as volunteers for her organization, knitting and crocheting items for pre-maturely born babies to be donated to hospitals across the country.
In 2004, I joined the SnB-LA group and asked if I could put this once-a-month meeting on the SnB official calendar. The lovely moderators, Faith, Allison and Shannita agreed, and now we have a truly wonderful group of all ages coming to this Once-a-Month Saturday morning meeting.
This Saturday was special because The Crochet Dude was in town. Drew was visiting to star on the new DIY show, "Uncommon Threads." He taped three episodes that, hopefully, will be aired in early 2007. I was hoping to meet Pam from Knotty Generation, but that didn't happen this trip. Drew said that he really enjoyed taping the shows with Pam. Drew brought some faboo purses with him that he demonstrated on the show. I promised not to show the purses here...I wouldn't want to spoil the shows. I can only say that they are totally faboo!

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Thursday Night Regulars on Saturday Morning!

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Sarah and Vickie

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Baby Sam and Denise

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Laurie, Faith, Carolyn and Brandi

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Kendra and Denise

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Faith and her Amazing Blanket

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Drew and Gwen, Jen in the background with Faith (rt.)

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Drew and Ana

notice Ana's faboo "Lepke" summer top

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Annika (behind Drew-left, Drew, Gwen, Faith, Penny



At 5:37 PM PDT, Blogger Carol said...

A celebrity in your own little neck of the woods! pretty exciting.

At 9:26 PM PDT, Blogger Pam said...

Ellen - I'm so bummed out I didn't have a chance to meet you and your faboo group of SnBer's in West Hollywood - it was as crazy as it gets taping the show, with little time to get a bathroom break, so I didn't get to see my brother in So Cal either, but they said, 'hey this is business'. I totally love reading your blog, maybe I'm an LA girl at heart!

At 3:37 PM PDT, Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

Sucks that I couldn't get off the floor. Looks like you all had a great time!


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