Friday, August 11, 2006

Stitch 'n Pitch

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Shannita and Mar Vista Knitters
Last night there were 560 knitters and crocheters at Dodger's Stadium for the first annual Stitch 'n Pitch night! It was totally awesome. Faith gives an excellent account of the evening.

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Jennifer and Allison

I took a few photos, but I was really too busy talking with and admiring the work of stitchers from Orange County, Thousand Oaks, Encino, Mar Vista and all over the L.A. and O.C. areas. I did the same thing Faith did....I kept looking around at the rows and rows of stitchers with a huge smile on my face, saying "This is fantastic!" I was sitting next to Susie from the Culver City SnB for a few innings and she said (I paraphrase)...."stitchers are a powerful group and if they unified, they could probably put Hillary in the White House!" Amen, Susie.

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Knitters from Encino
Representatives from the TNNA , along with volunteers put together these great gift totes for all of the stitchers. They were full of yarn, needles, patterns, magazines and discount coupons for area LYS's.

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Abby from our WeHo SnB

My husband, Mr. Larry attended the game with me. He took tons of photos! As soon as I can get my hands on his digi-card, I will display the best ones here. If you've been to New Orleans or any other Mardi Gras celebration, you know that people on the parade floats are always yelling to the girls in the crowd, "Show me your t*ts" for some Mardi Gras beads. Last night, Mr. Larry climbed down to the first row of our stitcher's section and yelled out "Show me your knits!" He snapped lots of photos!!!
Don't forget, there will be a nationally known crochet celebrity at our once-a-month Saturday SnB at the Original Farmers Market tomorrow (8/12). We'll be in the upstairs dining area from 10am to noon. Please join us! Have a faboo weekend!



At 12:45 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psst.. go here!

Also, Stitch 'n' Pitch was SO much fun!

At 12:55 PM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I've been waiting for your post!!! Sounds like you had a great time.

Also, I've 95% committed to going tomorrow (although 10am on a saturday is an ungodly early hour). Not for your crochet celebrity, but for noirbettie's wee celebrity. :)

At 3:06 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't it lots of fun?? I know what you mean about wanting to chat with people. Thanks for taking the time to come by and say hello. Hope I didn't freak out your husband by asking him if he was the infamous "Mr Larry" but I heard him talking about his wife and SnB at FM etc and just had to say something. Hope to make it back to We Ho soon.

-- Jo Anne

At 1:08 PM PDT, Blogger Allison said...

Tons of fun and so great to see you and all the WeHo knitters! Great photos!

At 3:14 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, looks like so much fun! I ended up not being able to go but it looks like a raging success- no way will I miss next years! Thanks for posting photos- can't wait to see more!


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