Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Larry Spice

Fresh New Spices
Before the holidays Larry asked me what I wanted for gifts. Of course, I gave him a nice list of items. One of the practical things I asked for was a new collection of spices. I swear, some of the spices in our rack are at least 15 years old. Not good. THEN, I asked him if he would give our boring white spice rack a colorful paint job. I had something in mind like the furniture pictured below.....Latin-themed and multi-colors, bright and kicky.

Bright and Kicky Paintjobs!
So, the wonderful Mr. Larry gifted me with a boxful of brand new spices. He took down our rack from the kitchen and spirited it out to the studio. A few days later, he was done with the painting. It looked pretty good. Larry usually paints furniture with oil-based paint. This time, he used acrylic paint. He thought he'd put the rack in the oven at a very low temperature to dry and permanently set the paint. Well, after a few minutes the paint on the rack started to bubble.
Spice Rack - In Progress
Now, we have a seriously paint-gurlgled and textured spice rack. I declined taking a photo of the finished product. I think a vigorous sanding is in it's future. Oh well...on to the next project. At least the spices are fresh!



At 6:18 AM PST, Blogger Vouray said...

Boy, new spices as a gift for Xmas, why didn't I think to ask for that. My spices have been around since before electricity!


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