Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Life is So Exciting

Meet Me @ 3rd & Fairfax
Last night at the Original Farmers Market we met up with our usual Wednesday night group of artists, raconteurs and L.A.-centric types for dinner. By around 8:30, one of us usually saunters over to Bob's Doughnuts and buys a couple to share.Last night, 3 people bought doughnuts. We had more doughnuts than one could possibly want! HOWEVER, the faboo histo-tainer, Charles Phoenix bought the prize doughnut of them all.
Charles Phoenix
Feast your eyes on the Divine's positively huge!
Luckily, Cathy of California joined us last night and she whipped out her trusty tape measure to prove how big this familly-size doughnut was.

Bob's has an array of doughnuts for your dining pleasure, including their most faboo apple fritter. The best time to sample these morsels of magnificence is first thing in the morning, when they've just come out of the oven, hot and fresh.
Bear Claw
Kitty Doughnut
Decorated Doughnuts for Holidays

I realize this is a food post and not on my restaurant blog, but I don't consider a doughnut (even a gigantic one) a full meal.

Ellen & Cathy of California



At 1:10 PM PDT, Blogger jillian said...


At 4:20 PM PDT, Blogger Madge said...

I'm slobbering over my keyboard again. Fried, sugary goodness...what could be better? A six inch donut? Oh, my stars.

At 10:27 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always wander over to Bob's when at FM, and I really really want to order all the yummy doughnuts, like apple fritters...but I always end up getting a couple of doughnut holes. I like to fool myself that 3 doughnut holes could in no way count as even 1/10 of an actual doughnut.


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