Monday, January 21, 2008

Felt Frenzy

Natalie Loves The Yarn
On Friday, in celebration of Natalie's birthday, she invited a few of us to the Urban Craft Center in West L.A. for a needle-felting party. Of course, I've felted handbags, knitted and crocheted food and other items before, but I'd never done any needle-felting.
The Urban Craft Center offers classes in many crafts. It's a marvelous place, excellent teachers and incredible supplies. The classes are reasonable....I'll definitely go back.
We started out by learning how to make a cupcake, then we graduated into various other projects. Thank you, Natalie for giving us this wonderful learning opportunity!

Mary Jo Gets Aggressive
Darcy's Alternate Use For Roving

Top Row: Ellen, Mary Jo, Cher

Bottom Row: Darcy, Natalie, Lori, Carla
LINKS to more photos are here.

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At 10:12 AM PST, Blogger Kath said...

Now that sounds like my kind of party! And I like the little felted animals - those are cute.

I've never tried needle felting - it always seems like an awfully sadistic thing to do to some perfectly innocent fiber! ;)

At 3:59 PM PST, Blogger mary said...

Felting fun! Did you make the cupcake?

At 5:14 PM PST, Blogger Madge said...

Happy birthday, Natalie!

This looks totally fun. Which creation is yours, Ellen?

At 10:34 AM PST, Blogger jenna! said...

I heart the Urban Craft Center. Lokes like you crazy kids had a great time!!

At 9:35 PM PST, Blogger mj said...

Ellen made the fried egg and the hostess cupcake. I made the chicky and the purple cupcake. Natalie made the skunk with the wild mohawk and her mom, Cher, made the bunny. Lori made the painterly seal, Carla the penguin and Darcy the iPod holder. It was a BLAST!!! Thanks, Ellen, for all the great pics.

At 10:20 AM PST, Blogger Natalie said...

The excitement of fresh yarn really brings out the best face in a person! LOL! Thank you for everything. The cake was delicious and hilarious. I was glad people could take a little piece of me home for later. What a creative & fun bunch! I had the best night.


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