Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Progress

Buttons: Sewn on!
Saturday it was Party Mardi all day long! We were at the Farmers Market and it was great! I'll post photos tomorrow.
I did manage to get a bit of knitting and crochet accomplished on Saturday at Mardi Gras as well as Sunday, during the Super Bowl. I added at least 3-4 inches on my olive striped cardigan, sewed the buttons on the pink baby sweater and managed to start another baby sweater. I just love knitting these little things. They are fast, satisfying and adorable!
Olive Stripe Cardigan + 4 more inches!

New Baby Sweater, Ella Rae Classic Wool



At 5:17 PM PST, Blogger Madge said...

Hey, I know where you got that Classic Wool. These baby sweaters are sooo retro cute, and I'm really enjoying all the different versions you're making.

Congrats on busting out those 4" on your olive stripe cardi, too!

At 5:41 PM PST, Blogger carlita dee said...

How did you do that scalloped button band? Crochet? Inquiring minds want to know!

At 7:02 PM PST, Blogger mehitabel said...

Woo hoo for progress! I made negative progress, mostly, which is kind of dispiriting. Oh well, hope springs eternal and all that, so I'm going to try the baby hat for the fourth time tonight. I had thought that the third time was the charm, but apparently not.
Then I need to get busy on some baby sweaters. I mean, it would be nice to get them done while they are still babies, right?

At 12:59 PM PST, Blogger Courtney said...

The sweater looks great. I love that pink and orange yarn!


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